Monday, November 23, 2015

The Krak

Hey Everybody! 

Everythings still going well down in the Krak. Quite the nickname yeah?

We've had a lot of fun this week. We had a lazy PDay last week, but I got to take a nap, so it was cool. Since then we've had a few more lessons with our investigators. Tomasz and Marcin are still doing well. They're both just really cool guys. We met with Marcin yesterday after church, and he was hungry so we went to a bakery. He asked why we didn't get anything for lunch and we told him about the whole Sabbath Day thing, so he got us some cake and then said he'd try not to shop on Sunday's anymore. 
I also had my first exchange. We do one with the Zone Leaders once a transfer. Elder Blunt came down to Kraków and Elder Vance went up to Wrocław. We spent the weekend together. Blunt is a really cool guy. Also, since I was the longest standing Elder in the city, I was temporary Senior Comp. Not gonna lie, I pretty much crushed it. We didn't get lost once. Also I took him out for the best kebab in the city. Basically a pro already.
Anyways, we did a finding activity the other day, and some really interesting things happened. A really drunk guy started bothering us, and we could not get him out of there. He was scaring away contacts, and we were just getting really frustrating. Since Elder Vance wasn't there, I had to be the one to tell him we were aliens. I invited him to church and said we'd be heading to Mars for the service (I learned the names of the planets that morning, inspired huh?) and he finally left us alone. Then like 2 minutes later, we tried to give a guy a card, and he said no, then comes back a minute later and asks to trade a card for a letter. So we were like ok sure and he hands us this folded up piece of paper. I open it up and on the inside it reads: "Hi Brothers, I'd love to recommend a book for you, it's called: How to Escape Cult Mind-Control." He didn't really speak English so the note barely made any sense at all, but it was just stuff like "Have the courage to question everything you know" and stuff like that. It was honestly the funniest thing that's happened all transfer.
Anyways as missionaries we're obviously a little entertainment deprived, so we've started watching old Mormon Messages on PDays, and we've found some good ones. I'd like to recommend "The Phone Call" and "The Schoolbus". Good stuff.
Anyways I'm glad everything's going well back home. Sounds like sports are starting to calm down again. 
Hope you feel better Mom! WIth the foot and the sickness, that's kind of a double whammy! Wszystkiego Najlepszego!
Love you guys!
Na razie,
Elder Haskett

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