Monday, November 16, 2015


Hey Mom!
I've got a little more time this week, so that's awesome.
We've been really busy this week. Lately we've been meeting with like 7 people, which is crazy, Elder Vance says it's never this busy. Usually we're out doing missionary work for like 6 hours a day, but now we've actually got meetings to break things up. Right now we're still meeting regularly with Marcin and Tomasz, the same guys from last week. Then we've got a few more random people and groups. Marcin is doing really well, but he's had a lot of great experiences in the Catholic Church. That's Poland.
Tomasz is a freakin rockstar. We met with him on Monday, and he was like, "Next meeting I have something you need to throw away, no questions asked." On Thursday we met again and showed him the baptismal interview questions, and he straight up committed to everything in one go. We taught the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and Law of Tithing in 20 minutes, and he accepted them all. He quit smoking. Then he hands Elder Vance this crumpled up wrapper and asked him to throw it away. So he does and after, Tomasz was like, "Those were my earrings, I heard you can't wear them in your Church." What the heck. It's not supposed to be this easy right? It's crazy, he's the perfect example of someone who has been prepared.
Yesterday he asked, "Do they only let Mormons from the States serve missions?" So we told him no and I kinda jokingly asked, "You ready to serve a mission already?" And he was just like, "Well not today, but later yeah why not?" He's honestly not even a golden investigator, he's like diamond, or platinum or something. 
Kraków's doing well. Weather's getting really chilly, and it's rainy all the time now, which is a bummer because I lent my umbrella to a sister in the area and she still hasn't given it back. The ward is pretty awesome! There's only like 30 people there on a good day, and we meet in this tiny apartment building. But the members who are active are pretty amazing. We had a testimony meeting on our first week, and I went up first, but after that it got quiet. Turns out they have slow starts in Poland too, because after that pretty much everyone shared. They've all got strong testimonies.
I'm glad I left a legacy in the MTC. Hopefully the new MTC group lives up to it haha. That's cool you heard from Sister Yokim! I hope she's doing well. Tell her to look behind the Polish Only sign in the class, I left a little drawing there too. I hope it's still there. I'm glad Caleb's baptism went well! Not only is it fun because it's a special day, but the whole family comes out too, and that's always wild.
I'm sorry to hear about your foot, that's such a bummer! I guess you're right, how could anyone tell it was the Haskett family without a cast. Hope you heal up quicker than me and Dad.
Love you! Thanks for all the recipes! Till next week!
Elder Haskett

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