Thursday, October 15, 2015

Week 7!!! MTC almost complete!

Hey Mom!

I can definitely relate to falling into routine. I pretty much never know what day it is until we get to PDay Eve. I'm glad the games this weekend went well. I told Caleb to score 2 goals in the last letter, so he held up well. Maybe I should tell him to score 3 and be nice to his brothers!
It's so insane that Kai is going so soon. Our group of friends is going global. We're everywhere. I'm not sure if you heard but Val is going to Costa Rica next summer for a service trip! We're gonna be so multicultural in a couple years.
I'm glad to hear about the Polish baptism! We've been Skyping Polish people here (which is the coolest thing ever) and they are so crazy awesome. We've been talking to a lady named Ewa (like Ava). She's honestly so awesome. In our first lesson she pretty much taught our entire Joseph Smith lesson for us, so we had to transition to prayer. I've heard that the members there are super special. I honestly can't wait to go.
Our other lessons are going pretty well too. We've gotten really far with some of our "investigators" so we're getting into teaching like Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, Tithing. You know, the fun stuff.
So I got my first mission chop job. The famous butchers of the MTC got to me. My hair is so short now it's crazy. I should have just waited to get a Euro haircut.
The music you sent was really good. I feel like such a geek but some arrangements of hymns just sound so good to me now. I guess if I can't listen to other stuff I gotta take the best I can get. BTW, found a really good song by MoTab. It's called The Prayer. You should look it up.
Anyways, in language news, we've found basically the best thing in Polish. "Groovy" and "Holy" are practically the same word. One of our teachers has been saying "The Groovy Ghost" for 3 years now. Also, apparently the polish word for "member" is slang for something really bad. One of the other companionships asked their Skype buddy how long they'd been a member of the church. Oops.
I love you guys tons! It's so fun writing every week! Talk to you later!

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