Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's just so good to hear from him........

Hey Mom!

6 weeks down, that means we're 2 thirds of the way there! So freakin close it's crazy. We get our flight plans next week.

We're getting pretty bored as a district so we started talking to a bunch of new people to kind of spice things up. We found some elders on our floor that are going to Iceland! They're the only 2, and their language sounds crazy. They say sentences like we say questions, so the end of the sentence kind of lilts up a bit. Their questions are the opposite; completely flat.  We play volleyball with all the people we've met, and our group just keeps getting bigger.

A lot of guys in our zone left this week. It was pretty sad, I had gotten close with a few. But we did get newbies this week! We're finally not the babies in our zone. 

Conference was awesome! That was my first time watching all of it, and may have even been my first 2 Saturday sessions. There are Utah kids here that wouldn't play sports on Conference Saturdays, so they were pretty surprised to hear I'd never even seen one. It was so good though. I don't know if you heard Holland's talk, but it kinda made me feel like an inadequate son. Love you Mom. Also Nelson's talk had my favorite quote. "Are you done crying? Then get up and get back to work." You know me, I'm not emotional or anything, so if I'm ever complaining about the mission, I wanna hear that. Don't forget that. There was also a talk that was perfect for one of my investigators. He's been struggling with getting an answer of whether or not he should be baptized, so we shared Brother Bennet's talk from Priesthood Session. During our lesson with him I felt prompted to promise him he would receive an answer this time he asked. Ask soon as I said it, I was like, "What the heck are you saying?" but it was too late. So if he didn't get an answer before our next lesson we were pretty much toast. We put it in the Lord's hands, and when we asked him to be baptized again yesterday, he said yes. He felt the answer to his prayer, which was awesome. I know it's all role play stuff, but the Spirit was so strong. It was probably my worst lesson as far as fluency went, which was weird because it's been really good for the last few days, but the Spirit was the most obvious it's ever been. After the lesson, our teacher came in and told us we rocked the lesson.

The night after Conference, we had Vocal Point come to our devotional. They sang a bunch of stuff, but the coolest was an arrangement of Nearer My God to Thee, and had one guy singing in English and the rest sang Latin in the background. It was awesome.

Love you all a million, I'm so grateful for all of your prayers.

Do cwartku,


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