Thursday, September 17, 2015

Week 3!!!!!!!

Cześć Everybody,
Another good week this week.  We're finally going into cases, which is terrible. I don't get why other languages need multiple words for nouns. My name sometimes conjugates to Starszego Logana Hasketta. Why? Because the Polish people love chaos. Anyways the language is still coming pretty easy though. We're all pretty fast learners in District 51F.
Blake got here yesterday. I've gotten to talk to him a few times, no pictures yet, but I'm imparting my MTC veteran wisdom on him. It's funny talking to the English speakers who complain about the food and being here forever and then were like "Oh yeah, this is our 23rd day. And we've got 40 more." 
Also I got my patriarchal blessing yesterday. It was pretty awesome. Lot of good stuff in there. He said the language would come easy (I fist pumped during the prayer). I don't remember a whole lot else, but it felt really good. Also the patriarch said that I have to go to the temple the weekend I get back and I'll be set forever after that, so you better remind me when I get home.
BTW, I realized I haven't talked about volleyball yet. I was pretty sure the competition was supposed to be ridiculous. It is not. I am the granddaddy of all volleyball here, which isn't saying much. My district is getting pretty good though. After 9 weeks we should be rock solid. Though since everybody else is bad, I do get to hit a lot. I bounced 3 times today. Yesterday I made an elder scream. It was pretty funny.
I'm glad everything at home is going well. Congrats on Legacy Noah and Luke! That should be really fun. Also Noah you better be really nice to my Jeep. Good luck at the Castaic Triathlon this weekend! I better not hear about any injuries this year.
Anyways love you guys tons. I'll be writing soon. Wiem że moja misja jest dobre doświadcienie i jest spoka. Powiedzię wy wkrótce.
Super-Starszy Haskett

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