Friday, September 4, 2015


Hey guys how's it going? I figure I'll just reply the whole family through this email. Things are going great, but P-Day couldn't have come sooner. I'm super tired. This week was really cool, the language is coming so much faster than I expected. I can bear my testimony in Polish pretty easy now. Wiem ze Ksiega Mormona jest prawdziwa, i Jozef Smith byl prorokiem Boga. Stuff like that. 

We have Sunday and Tuesday Devo's with the whole MTC. On Tuesday we heard from Brother Dahlquist from the 70. He was talking about how excited our mission presidents were for us to arrive, so I said a quick prayer and asked for help in becoming the missionary Brother Dahlquist and President Edgren in Poland saw in me. When I finished, Bro D. immediately mentioned a missionary from Poland who was having a tough time who received an answer to his prayer. It was super cool. I know that was meant for me. Then on Tuesday, Elder Oaks came. Apparently that doesn't happen to often, but it was sweet. He said that he was an Apostle and that missionaries are apostles. The change in capitalization doesn't change the blessings and influence from the Spirit.

We've been teaching an investigator in Polish, (she's an actor) and it's going surprisingly we'll we've taught five 30 minute lessons and have her committed to a baptism next Saturday. I don't think she was allowed to say no.

Anyways the food here is terrible, earlier I said all I wanted at the MTC was fish and Chinese food. They served both on the same night and botched both. The district is really cool. There's 5 going to Poland which is the most they've ever had and then 2 going to Leeds, England speaking Polish. All pretty fun guys. My companion, Starszy McMaster, is from Thatcher, AZ, which is 3 hrs east of Phoenix. Everything is going really well.

Dad, the pic of us at the Grand Canyon is pretty sweet. I'm making a lot of friends at the MTC who I probably wouldn't have talked to before. I think there's something about missionaries that makes us hard not to like.

My brace should be in my WR bball backpack. BTW say thanks to Nik for his shoutout for me. The cookies were great by the way. I don't know if I'm going to be able to upload pictures while I'm here or not.

Super-Starszy Haskett

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