Thursday, September 10, 2015


Czesc guys,
Things are getting into a rhythm now here.  Every day still feels like a year and every week has felt like a day.  Still having fun though.  The Polish is getting a lot better.  We're finally learning some grammar principles that are making things easier.  Teaching lessons is getting really easy.  We usually don't write anything down in Polish anymore.  Teaching lessons in English is a breeze.  Starszy McMaster and I forgot about our lesson in district meeting and BS'd a 50 minute conversation about baptism on the spot, and the Branch President said it was solid.  Can't get too cocky though, I still sound like an idiot when I speak Polish, but at least I can say some things.  My personal favorite is "Szynki" which means ham.  It sounds a lot like "Dzieki" which means thanks so we say ham to people who hold open doors for us and they say you're welcome:)
During this week's devotional we heard from Bishop Causse from the General Bishopric.  He's a convert from France, so hearing him and his wife struggle with English made me a lot more comfortable with struggling for 2 years, considering they've lived here for more than 30 years.  At the end of his talk though he said "I need to be bold" and walked over to the piano and played the craziest solo I've ever heard.  It was awesome.
Well the food still bites.  It's on a schedule, so we're already eating the same things over and over again.  For example, Thursday is "Terrible Blueberry Pancake on a Stick" Day.  I'm just excited for tomorrow because every Friday is pizza from Papa Johns.  We're thinking about smuggling some into residence because we have a microwave.
Love you guys tons, the package was awesome.  We almost finished the Oreos in one day.  The picture at Zion's is awesome.  Keep sending those, we have a printer we can use here.
Luke the best Polish word is Zadoscuczynienie.  It means Atonement.  Look up the pronunciation. 
Super-Starszy Haskett

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