Thursday, September 24, 2015

One month down!!!!

Coś nowiego!

First things first, I totally called the BYU game. Not that that was much of a surprise. 

This week has been really cool, lots of Polish and spiritual stuff. The usual. We're still working on cases and how to implement transition words and stuff like that. So we're all a little brain dead, but I'm impressed every day by how much we're learning. We learned the First Vision yesterday, and I didn't even know that in English. "Ujrzałem słup światła dokłdnie nad głową..." Really cool to hear the whole district recite that. 

We also heard from Brother Carden of the Seventy on Tuesday. He was the one who told us that Elder Scott had passed. It was really sad, but all the sudden, I could just feel his spirit in the room. I felt like he was happy, and that he and all the other saints that had gone on were behind the missionary force too. Then in our testimony meeting, President Wiseman said he felt the exact same thing. It was really special.
I also think I officially figured out how the Spirit feels to me this week. It's always so hard to describe, but for me, it is the exact opposite of fear. Not courage, but just not fear. And that just makes sense to me, if the Adversary is behind all of our fears, then it would make sense that Christ would be behind it's opposite. When I feel the Spirit now, I feel like the power of God is with me, and as long as I'm worthy and doing his work, I can't fail. And I know that's true.

I'm glad to hear everything is going well back at home. Sports sounds like fun right now. Glad soccer is going well, and Luke, you can definitely count that goal. I never doubted we'd have success in basketball and volleyball, so keep up the good work. Good luck this weekend in the Triathlon, someone better bring home a medal for Stevenson Ranch.

I do get to see Blake a lot around here. We talk a bit every meal. I think he doesn't leave until a week before me, because the Filipino missionaries usually spend a week in the Philippines MTC before going into the field. I'm not sure if that's the case for the Cebuano guys though.

Anyways, once again, I'm glad everything at home is going well! Love you guys tons!

Na rasze,
Elder Haskett

One month down!

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