Monday, March 7, 2016

"Fight song" on a train!!

Hey mom,
Sounds like you guys had a really cool temple experience! I can't wait to go when I get home haha. I still remember the MTC patriarch making me promise to go in the first week when I get home. Also I think that really ties in to the story about Michelle. It is really sad, and it's horrible that she's so young, but it sounds like her parents are handling it really well. And we know that we can see our families again. 
I heard Braden's papers are in! That's awesome! I was talking to him last week about how crazy it'd be if he got called to Poland. I could train him. I guess it really doesn't matter where he goes, but when you guys watch on Skype when he opens his call, just remember my guess is Poland!
So this week has been pretty cool. Weather has been crazy. On Monday and Tuesday, we got like 6 inches of snow. Then it was freezing til Thursday, when it got warm. Now it's like 40 everyday.
Still haven't met Ola in a while. She went to the doctor this week and found out she has tonsillitis. Honestly what are the odds? She had them work on her throat for a while, and the doctor cleared her for activity on Tuesday, so we've actually got a meeting scheduled for that day!
That's not the only good news! We found a new girl on Thursday. Her name is, wait for it... Olga. Don't let the name fool you, she's not a lunch lady. She's awesome. She's Ukrainian actually, and that means we get to introduce her to the Ukrainian family in the branch. We've had a meeting with her every day since we saw her. When we met her, we were actually English contacting, and she asked if we could talk about Jesus in our English class. We said no and that it's just English, and she was all dang, "Oh darn. I really want to talk about Jesus. I need to make a change in my life." So I said I knew a guy. She's preparing for baptism early next month, but we might even be able to move it up. She even came to church this week!
Anyways, other than that, we've really been cranking it up as far as our English class goes. We've gotten some new young students, and more plan on coming this week, so we've upped the ante. Last week was awesome. We played this game where each person gets a definition of a word. No one is supposed to know the words, so we chose really tough slang, and then we write a word on the board and everyone has to convince the others that they have the real definition. It's really fun, but the older people didn't get it. At the beginning of the game, this lady, Laura, was all like "I'm sorry, I do not understand how to play, what is turnt?" Another one was really confused when we told her that 'ham' was not a lunch meat, but in fact, a state of being, and that when you 'go ham' you go wild. The college students were dying. I love English class.
Fun story. After English, we were riding a bus home and Elder Park and I started singing Fight Song. There was this girl our age near us on the phone, and she was like "Oh gosh these 2 guys next to me are wearing church nametags and they're singing weird religious songs. What's wrong with these people?" She thought we couldn't understand cause it was in Polish. So I changed the lyrics and said something really simple, like, "This is not a religious song" to the same tune, and the girl just went red. She got so embarrassed haha. We told her that it was cool, but we were just dying. So the next day, when I was inviting people to English class, I asked this group of like 4 girls if they new "Fight Song" and they were all like, "If you sing it for us we might recognize it." Basically all Polish people assume that Americans are great singers. So I sang a little bit. And they totally freaked out. "Oh my gosh, you are just like Ed Sheeran!" and other stuff like that. They're coming to English class this week haha.
Well I think that's it for me! Good luck with Kati's blog inspection this week! Love you!
Elder Haskett

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