Monday, March 14, 2016

No transfer and a wedding!!!!!

Hey Mom!
Sounds like you had a busy house again with Kati, Dylan, and the missionaries this week! I'm curious, did you let Elder Phillips sit at the head of the table?
Anyways, sounds like Luke has been having some pretty good success lately in volleyball. 
Don't worry, I'll be praying for the Jeep, and probably Noah, too. Especially when Dad shows him how to drive offroad. I just realized that comes in like a month. Crazy stuff. Also, if he's worried about driving, just tell him that all he has to do is avoid getting a ticket for like, a month, and he's already got me beat.
It's funny that the Mission President and his wife spoke. I didn't realize that I'd never even thought about them until I got into the MTC. Everyone in Poland pretty much loves President and Sister Edgren. They're a huge deal. Whenever they go travel and visit a different branch for Sacrament Meeting, it's really special. Once I get home I'd like to meet the Mission President. Actually, I can't even think of what our mission boundaries are back home. Are we the San Fernando Mission?
To an extent, missionary work isn't work. But, we do have to do a lot of paperwork. And walk a lot. But it is true, the part when you're talking with people, or meeting with them, that's not work. That's just fun. And you feel really good doing it. 
So this week, as far as the missionary work went for us, it kinda felt like a funeral march. This was supposed to be my last week with Elder Park, before I switched back with Torres. That meant that I wouldn't meet with Ola or Olga anymore, not to mention move out of a sweet apartment. So we used that to squeeze in as many lessons as possible with both of them. That was cool I guess, but the whole time I was just kinda bummed. Both of them are progressing so well, we're so close, but I don't get to be there with them til the end. I had my last lesson with Ola on Friday, when we we're supposed to switch back, and as we walked home, President called. He's like "You know, you and Elder Park are pretty much getting work done right now, it wouldn't make sense to switch things now. You guys should stay together at least until the end of the transfer." I was so psyched! I called Ola and Olga, because I'd told them that I wasn't gonna meet with them anymore, and they were really happy too. Olga even said she was gonna cry. My miracle for the week.
Last thing. The sisters have investigators that live together, but aren't married. They really want to get baptized, so you know what that means... we're having a wedding! We got invited too. That might mean I have to make a trip to H&M and get a cheap suit though. It's black and white, and my black suit has been the one that I've had to wear to church and district meeting every week since I got here, so it's a little destroyed. I'm still bummed that my grey suit got a mystery hole in it like my third week in the country.
I think that's it though! Super excited about Braden and Spencer's calls! Keep me posted!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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