Monday, December 21, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree......

Hey Mom!
I gotta say, I'm a little jealous you're in Newport! I really do miss the beach, and the Shake Shack sounds pretty nice right about now. They don't do milkshakes here. Or peanut butter, but I already knew that was coming. 
This week has been pretty busy .We're still caroling up a storm, and it's starting to work better since it's closer to Christmas now. The other day some really old guy invited us in to sing, so we walked in to a table of like 12 old dudes eating dinner. They were all psyched and started singing with us, and then they just ended up singing to us. It was really funny. People still try to give us money all the time. Some people are actually kind of aggressive and will forcefully put money in our pockets. We usually just throw it back in the door right before it closes or put it in their mailbox with a little note attatched. It's funny stuff.
This week has been a little crazy with investigators. WIth the holidays, everybody's out of town. We've mostly been meeting with members. We did have a miracle meeting with Marcin this morning. His flight got delayed a half a day, so he gave us a call. It was a pretty good lesson too, so we think there was some divine intervention involved with that plane. Tomasz is still MIA. He texts every once in a while and tenatively sets up a lesson, but he's flaked us every time for a few weeks now. It's kind of a bummer, but stuff like that happens. We'll get him eventually. Companionship's going well, as is ping pong!
Pictures are on the way!
Love you, see you Friday!
Elder Haskett

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