Monday, December 7, 2015

December is here!!!!!

We did have Zone Conference this past week. It was on December 1st, so it was all about getting us into our Christmas gear. It's really fun actually. We start out tracting by caroling now, which is way more fun. People try to offer us money all the time though, which sometimes it's hard to say no. Some guy tried to give us like 40zł the other day! Then regular street contacting is all about the birth of Christ, which people are much more receptive to. I think that's because it starts out all about Mary, but hey, whatever works works. I wear a Santa hat when we do both of those.
Our investigators are doing pretty well. Unfortunately we didn't get to meet with Tomasz this week, he was really busy, but we had a meeting with Marcin. He's doing better. Here's his problem. He doesn't believe in praying about the Book of Mormon. 
Well now what? Haha, that's our whole game as missionaries.
He says there's nothing in the Bible about praying to know truth. So we showed him James 1:5, which is said is translated incorrectly. Then we showed him John 7, and like 5 different scriptures where Jesus talks about praying for anything during the Sermon on the Mount. Nothing worked. We've just gotta be really patient with him. He's keeping commitments, he's meeting with us, it'll happen eventually, but it'll take time.
I got the first 2 packages! The Mary pictures were a nice touch, you have to do that here or your things will get stolen! How'd you figure out that trick?
We're staying warm, it was a little warmer this week. We're doing well over all! I'll let you know if I need anything!
Love you tons!
Na razie,
Elder Haskett

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