Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas in Poland

Hey Mom!
Good week here in Kraków! We're still going strong on the Christmas approach. Our caroling is getting much better, now that we actually know the songs. So good in fact, that the sisters set us up to sing by ourselves in the Christmas program in Church on Sunday. Woo.
We've been pretty crazy busy, as usual, but we've also been able to have a lot of fun this week! We were giving out free hot chocolate and showing people the new Church Christmas video the other day on the street and ran into some really cool people. We met a young dude named Adrian there and he's awesome. We're supposed to start meeting with him soon. Unfortunately I also met some very drunk people that day too. I've learned that they are very good practice targets for my Polish though. I can pretty much say whatever I want to them and it won't have any effect, so I get a lot of practice with them. 
We also had kind of an interesting day last Saturday; we went ice skating! A less-active called us and invited us so we asked President and he said it was cool, so we invited a lot of members and headed over. No need to fear, I am still a boss at ice-skating. Then that night the branch threw a surprise bday party for one of the sisters, so we got to eat some pretty delicious cake.
Today was rough not gonna lie. We visited Auschwitz. It was pretty heavy stuff. Kind of eye-opening. I can't say I'd recommend it, but it does have an impact on you.
I've got some bad news. Tomasz disappeared. We haven't met or contacted him in like 2 weeks. We're still trying, but it's disappointing. The good thing is that Marcin is going strong and we've got Adrian and another guy named Łukasz now. Keep Tomasz in your prayers!
I still don't really know all the plans for Christmas, we'll be on Skype but that's all I know. Hopefully next week we'll have times and everything down. I haven't opened the Christmas boxes yet, I'll do that tonight. Oh and transfers here are usually 9 weeks. Next one is an exception, we're going for seven.
Love you tons! Hang in there this last week of school and everything, then enjoy winter break!
Elder Haskett

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