Monday, January 23, 2017


Hey Mom!
Haha it's good to hear that we keep getting rain! Hopefully we get enough for things to cool down in SoCal as well, although the whole district agreed that it's pretty noble that we decided to save a fish with our rainwater. We're having similar weather over here: wet. It's been either raining or misting on us nonstop for like a week. Not too cold during the day, but cold enough at night to freeze all the sidewalks and turn the city into a skating rink. A day doesn't go by where I don't about die sliding in my dress shoes. The other day I think I was fully horizontal in the air after slipping, and still managed to stay on my feet. What can I say? The Lord protects his servants.
I've been hearing a lot about the protests over here. Apparently one of them was like the largest women's protests in US history. A bunch of people on the streets have been asking if we think they could overthrow DC. I usually say yes, a sarcastic opinion that has surprisingly enough been taken into account by several adults.
We beat Hart! Haha fouling with less than a second left, I bet coach had a long talk with the team after that one. At least we got the free throw. Hopefully we can keep this alive, Noah said that Valencia and GV already lost one, so if we went undefeated for the rest of season we could still take first. Keep me posted! Also, that's weird that Luke's coach keeps throwing games. I hope that we get our act together for the Holiday Classic, that's a fun tournament, and it'd be a bummer if we didn't come to play. Either way though, with the fam coming, it sounds like you guys have a fun weekend coming up!
Things for us in Warsaw are going really well! The whole district is doing fine, and now that the weather isn't too bad I'm feeling good! Elder Barlow is still coming along great, and he's making a lot of improvements in Polish. Our investigators are doing great, one just had his baptismal interview yesterday! He is planning on being baptized on the 11th of February! Should be great! Even better, cause the interview was held the day after a disastrous lesson with a member hahaha. He was doing his best, but there was some shady doctrine being preached (eg the Church forbids members to attend Catholic weddings and funerals). Haha it happens, and we were able to do some damage control after. Welcome to my mission! Other good news, is that the baptism will still be a part of this transfer! We'll for sure be here until the 27th of Feb, and then who knows? That'll make 4 months total in Warsaw, cause I've already been here 3. 
This week I was able to serve on another exchange with Elder Einfeldt. That was cool, we've served around eachother for so long we've gotten to be really good friends. Nothing too crazy happened though. Basically we did the normal routine, and Elder Einfeldt failed his driving test twice haha. I've heard it's pretty tricky, but I also might just be bad luck.
Other cool story from this week, we were on the metro the other day and this guy whips out a saxophone and starts playing. He was pretty good to be honest, so Elder Barlow and I moved closer to listen. As we got closer we noticed that he had tatooed across his knuckles, JAZZ. At the next stop he tipped his hat to us and got off.
Basically a good week all in all! Let me know when you know more about the missionary month thing! I'll try to come up with something good for the video!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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