Monday, January 2, 2017


Hey Mom!
Bummer you guys all got sick on the holidays! I guess it's better now than in school, but then again, it sounds like Noah's got no winter break with basketball and if you really think about it, school shmool. Hope everybody's feeling better now!
So crazy that Austin is already heading out on her mission! Haha I bet she's freaking out a bit, but that's pretty much the norm. It gets better after a couple days in the MTC.
Wasn't able to go to the New Year's baptism:( but the good news is that it went through! I can't complain about missing it, a lot of work went into making all this happen finally, so I'm really happy about it. It was the end of an 9 month journey!
New Years for us was pretty fun. We had a sweet game of soccer in the morning that involved me making the keeper save of the year with my face as well as a belly slide header for a goal, and then a finding activity in the square. While we were there, a man ran around making airplane noises with his arms all the way out. Nothing unusual. There was a branch party that we got to catch a piece of. It kinda felt like a church dance, except at one point an older lady took the microphone and started to sing an opera, and another missionary pretty much cut loose to Gangam Style. I was not that missionary. Then we had a sleepover party at the other elder's apartment and stayed up til the new year. To celebrate the end of our full calendar year of missionary service, we threw a ham that we had previously failed to cook off the balcony into the dumpster a few stories below. I was mostly impressed I nailed the shot, the ham was 5 lbs!
The work is still going really well! We're doing a lot in the square, as per usual, but we also go around a few different parks in the city that: 1. look really cool in the snow, and 2. are full of fully sober people. As far as the investigators go, we had 2 in church yesterday, and another random guy showed up that apparently got contacted a few weeks ago by a mystery elder. That was a little New Year's miracle. One of the 2 from church finished the Book of Mormon last week, and he wants to get baptized before the end of January! 
The new city near Kraków is called Mielin. It's a city where a family that used to have to drive 2 hours a week to go to Kraków lives. We visited them a couple times, and the city is really cool. Pretty exciting stuff.
Elder Barlow is doing really well! He's getting a solid start on the language, and we've been working well together.
Hope you guys have a good rest of winter break! Try to get to Disneyland! 
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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